Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pizza Ride Report

Nice ride, Beautiful day. 3 Riders, Great roads.
The ride started around 10:00 with a mechanical issue right off the start. I couldn't clip into my left pedal, so we went back and switched to another.

We did a back road ride though Medfield Center and over to Norfolk to "Jane and Paul's" Farm and farm stand for Eggs.
Back roads again through Millis, and onto Holliston to "Casey's" for our lunch stop.

The Pizza was good, not the best, We will do another taste test ride next month to another spot.

Short but Sweet, we were back at the start at exactly 2:00.

We all hoped for more riders to show, but the 3 of us had a blast and are looking forward to next weeks ride focusing on "Stuffy's" More on that later,

Reporter: Scott

1 comment:

  1. No stuffies at Captain Whose-a-ma-jiggy's in Wellesley - according to the on line menu. Gotta' keep looking.


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