Monday, May 14, 2012

Recumbent Bicycle Review

Over the next couple of months, BOSRUG will be reviewing Recumbent Bicycles to give you an idea as to which bike may be best for you.
Generally matching the style of bike with the type of cycling you prefer is always best. Lighter bikes for longer rides and heavier duty for rough city streets.
Check back for updates and if you have a bicycle you want us to review for you, contact me at the email address to the right.


  1. This sounds like a great idea. I ride a Tour Easy and I find it to be a great ride.

  2. I bought my Corsa 700c from Scott last August. I love going fast and love long distance slow rides too. I found that the triple ring up front was overkill for me, so I switched it to a double and converted the drivetrain to 10 speed. Now it's perfect for those quiet rides through southern Worcester County and northern Connecticut. If I were to do more city riding, I would opt for the 650 option though.

  3. Here's MY review of Corsa700: Best handling, most solid feeling fast recumbo I have ridden yet. Maybe SOMEDAY I will have MORE TIME to RIDE IT!!!!

  4. And thats you in the header photo on that bike with a smile!


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