Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stuffie's in Boston

Google "Stuffies in Boston" and you find my blog. Cool! But when customers come to WW and said I found you because of your Stuffie reviews on Bosrug, its a little strange.
It has happened more then once. Funny to me anyway.
The quest for the perfect Stuffie goes on but this time out side of Boston, This time still in Southern New England.

"Hammerhead Grill" in Narragansett, RI. does a great job. Possibly the best we have had. Narragansett Summer Ale in a can to back it up, the presentation was the very best we have had. The clam to bread ratio was perfect. They understand.

We love this spot, on the water with a beautiful view, A must see when looking for a great beach get-a-way.
The Hammerhead also had one dollar taco's. Soft or hard, they as well as the Stuffie were better then expected. Mt vote: 5 Stars!
We will return!


  1. Been there, ate those. You are right on with your assessment.

  2. Not a stuffie, but, next time you see Everett, ask him how my littlenecks on the grill were.

  3. Thought stuffies were a Rhode Island specialty! Great place...

  4. And Larry, Next time ask Robbie how many Hot Dogs we had at Casey's in Natick.


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