Friday, July 13, 2012

Moving On

Nothing better to move on, Something New and Different, It times of moving that has one seeing things in a different angle. It allows you to take another look at life and its pleasures.
Some people change styles for the need to do something different. Many folks come to me with the need to change to recumbent riding. Medical issues have them seeking a new style. Sometimes actually recommended by Doctors, about 25% of my customers come in as a result of a Doctor's suggestion. This time of year Pan Mass Challenge riders have been told to switch.
If there were only Recumbents, would there ever be a health related need to switch to a Diamond Frame Bicycle? Probably not.
Recumbents have you seeing the world in a different angle. Relaxed and heads up. Hard not to smile as you fly along sitting back just simply, Moving On.

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