Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Super Cold, Time to Ride?

Sometimes as cyclists we have no choice. Suiting up for the ride for a super cold day take a little more consideration then if its only 30.
Its nine degrees here in Dover this morning and although the sun has not come up enough to see it, It most likely wont get above the mid twenty's at the highest point today.
Total skin coverage will be important on today's ride. Places on the face exposed can be covered with a thin coat of Vaseline and prevent wind burn and frost bite.
I love the moment of first going outside realizing that there is no turning back. Oh My Its Cold! Clipping in and heading off here in Dover is usually at least 5 degrees colder then the temperature in Boston and what they report on the weather. You learn at a early age that its so.
The first mile of my ride is down hill to the lowest place in town. Trout Brook drops very little to the Charles River one and a half miles away. The temp drops 2 more degrees by the time you get to Chris Yoder's Field and with the wind, tearing of the eyes makes it hard to see. Ski goggles make it hard to look over your shoulder and see cars catching up to pass. A rear view mirror works well to solve that problem and with a recumbent, there is one already installed.
Things have changed as to the way it was when I first started riding in the winter. The wide eyed looks from drivers wondering what exactly was I trying to prove, has tamed and its now not uncommon to come across another rider with a look of surprise that their not the only fool on a bicycle.
The days of "Destination Rides" return. Find a place with a warm seat to enjoy the warmth and get the blood flowing again.
Arriving home is all the better after a bitter cold ride. Food tastes better and is well deserved after battling the elements and having done a simple adventure.
Or just throw another log on the fire and remember warmer days from the past and plan for warmer days in the future!

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