Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reader of the Year.

At Wheelworks, customers came and customers go. Some stand out as special folk and the reason the bicycle business keeps me interested. They are the reason that keep me really enjoying my job.
Last August a women by the name of Kate came into the store. She needed a little help finding me, Mr Recumbent, but never any help with pulling the trigger on owning her new Recumbent.
Although she wasn't able to get a full 360 degrees of pedaling to move the bike forward, she was willing to learn and adapt to her new machine. Special straps would let her legs stay in line and a new brace for hew was discussed and planned to be ordered for the time of the bike delivery.
She made plans to pick up her new recumbent in a week and discussed having her crutches near by so she could walk after arriving at her destination with her new bicycle.
I have dealt with customers in the past that had problems moving. I have been the employee at will at all the bike shops I have worked to help people with special needs. Never before have I meet a gal with so much inner strength allowing herself to move along without allowing her physical disability to get in the way. You can hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes. Not ashamed of what she looks like but proud of who she is. Truly a very special person!
It was so refreshing to meet Kate. She sets the barrier as to what a real problem is and know they can be overcome with strength.
Hey Kate! Thanks for being you. I'm sure you touch many peoples hearts with your guts and how you insist that you can do it, no matter what.

Happy New Year Kate and Congratulations on becoming this years, "BOSRUG reader of the year!"

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