Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cold Days, Warm Hearts

Cold days can bring out the best in people. You see it everywhere.
Something in common causes conversation. A connect of sorts to strangers that you might never otherwise talk to.
Everyone has a different way of dealing with the cold. Some simply avoid it and others embrace it with open arms.
One thing is for sure, a 19 degree day makes a 35 degree day feel warm and people come outdoors as if the it was the first day of spring. Fifty degrees and watch out! lets go to the beach!
Yesterday, after two days of bitter cold, the weather warmed to a balmy 45 degrees. I saw people riding in shorts. At least 3 riders as if it was 70!
Shorter days make for early evenings. Fires to gather around and warm the body and soul. Get out, even if for a while. Enjoy the difference. Late Fall is like Winter and longer days began in less then 10 days. Yes!

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