Friday, September 17, 2010

Sudbury Area Ride on Sunday 9/19

It's me, Danni. The gal with the gall to take over the blog!

Fall is here and it's a beautiful time of the year to ride. However, just as we are all ready to enjoy the cooler temperatures, the fall colors, and the wonderful smells of the season - our esteemed leader decides to leave the country for a three week trip abroad. Acceptable? I think not!

So what's a girl to do - ride alone during this lovely time of the year or take over the blog while Scott slacks off? Obviously, I am not the sort to sit idly by while somebody else is having all of the fun. So since Scott didn't invite us to join him in Spain, I say we should just ride without him while he is away.

To that end, I will be doing my standard 28-ish mile Sudbury area ride this Sunday, September 19th, starting at the Wayside Inn Grist Mill at 10:00am. (The Grist Mill is just west of the inn itself. For more info go to Anyone who would like to join me would be more than welcome. After the ride we could enjoy a beer together at the Wayside Inn pub.

The route I take can be found at If you think you are interested in joining me you can reply here, email me at or, as is typically the case with Mr. Chamberlain, just show up! (However, if you opt to just show up and you are running late - I won't know to wait for you.)

Hope to see you on Sunday!

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