Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Special Talent

We all have innate talents. For most people, their innate talents are fairly moderate. However, for a rare few their innate talents are so extreme that they rise above all the rest. Now typically I am not one to brag about such things, but today I must admit that I am one of the rare few with an extreme talent. Yes I know it's hard to believe, especially if you've met me, but it's true - it really is true. So what is this extreme talent, you ask? Here it is!! I can get lost more quickly, more easily, and more completely than anyone else on the planet. I know! It's hard to believe I can be so talented, but there you have it. It really is true.

Take today for instance. Susie and I went for our ride in Concord. I did this ride with a bike group just last week AND I had it programmed in my GPS. (It's an absolutely gorgeous ride, by the way. That is if you can find it.) All was great! I was just following the pretty purple line on my GPS that was telling me where to go, chatting with Susie, and watching the scenery (but obviously not very closely) when Susie says to me, "Danni, I think we've been here before but going in the other direction." And, damn, if she wasn't right!!! We WERE on the same road going in the opposite direction. How in the hell did that happen?!!!!!

Luckily my talent is so extreme, that even though we followed the wrong route and never made it to the most beautiful part of the ride, we still got our mileage in since we had to ride around for miles figuring out where the hell we were!! Thankfully Susie was in such awe of my amazing talent, that even though we didn't manage to get to the right place, she still had fun just basking in the aura of my greatness.

We will be attempting this ride again next Wednesday at 1:00pm. If you feel you have the strength of character to withstand being in the presence of such extreme talent, it would be great to pedal around aimlessly with you somewhere (anywhere) in and around Concord!!



  1. I tried so hard to get to this ride.. just couldn't make it happen. Sorry I missed getting "lost"

  2. Funny story. I would have really laughed if you found yourselfs at the Concord roterey!

    I miss you guys and am looking forward to being back home to do the super Fall stomp!

    Check out the other blog for more of todays photos.


  3. atom bomb - The getting lost was quite fun. We had a great ride. Sad you missed it. Maybe you'll make it to the encore on Wednesday at 1:00. Though, I would highly recommend you take a long, hard look at the directions on before joining us ;-)


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