Monday, September 20, 2010

Play Ball!!

A more virtuous person would be writing today about the amazing ride she had yesterday. Unfortunately, as those who know me best will most certainly attest, virtue is not my strong suit. So I had just decided, while reclining on my recumbent at the Grist Mill, that nobody was going to be joining me for my ride and I'd be going it alone when my phone rang. My friend asked, "Danni, I have box seats for today's Sox game. Would you like to join me?" Now given that my goal for the next three weeks is to channel Scott Chamberlain as best as I can while managing the blog in his absence, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was only one appropriate answer to give to this question . . .F#@k Yea!!!!!

I can't imagine a better day to have gone to a ball game. The weather was perfect, the seats AMAZING, the people around us were very friendly, the peanuts had just the right amount of salt, the beer was the perfect compliment to the salty peanuts (though, alas, not Belgian), the Sox hit two home runs in a shutout game, and I had 100% faith in the two young boys sitting next to me to be able to catch any of the frequent foul balls that came our way before the balls could connect with my person. It doesn't get much better than that even for somebody like me who isn't much of a baseball fan.

I hope your Sunday was as wonderful as mine!!

Happy riding!

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