Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thinking About a New Recumbent

Thinking about a new recumbent? Weather you have owned one of these fantastic bikes or are just thinking about looking for one someday, this just might be the information your looking for.

Hopping on a recumbent for the first time is a memorable experience. "Its like learning how to ride a bike for the first time!" is what I hear time and time again. Customers come to the shop with all kinds of information and ideas they have read about on the net, but there is nothing like a ride to give you a idea of what style bike is best for you.
Small front wheel verses large front wheel is always a question. Newer designs have new customers wondering what is the best design for their needs. Its not until you have actually test ridden the two different styles that you will know.
Most customers take to riding small front wheel recumbents quickly. The lower seat allows the new rider to get rolling and find the pedals quicker and easier then the taller crank position with the larger front wheeled bikes. That said, Maybe a 24" wheeled recumbent such as the Corsa 24 may be best for you. The Bacchetta Corsa 24 has matching 24 x 1" wheels that because their smaller size has a shorter legged rider sitting closer to the ground ad starting off easier than a recumbent with a 65oc or the newer 700c wheeled bikes.
That said, most new riders feel right at home, (as if watching TV in their favorite chair) on a smaller front wheeled recumbent, such as the Bacchetta Giro 20, or the aluminum version, Giro ATT.
AS I have told customers, many new riders and owners in the past have purchased the 20" wheeled bikes and after a couple of years come back to by the larger. The only difference with this style of bicycle is that they usually keep their old bike for everyday use and buy the lighter, bigger wheeled bike for "Sunday rides."

Grab your helmet and get out for a test ride. Most shops that carry recumbents will be happy to teach you how to ride and having you in short order wearing we know as "The Recumbent Silly Smile!"


  1. Bought my 2010 Tour Easy brand and it was one of the best things I have ever owned. It took no time to learn to ride the silly smile never goes away.

  2. Looking forward to my first test ride this weekend. Scott thanks for the conversation today, see you on Saturday.


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