Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hot in the Sun, Cool in the Shade!

What a beautiful day for a Recumbent Adventure! Two bicycles and two riders. Vision R40's, under seat steering, short wheel base. Just perfect!

Doug met at our starting point for a little work on his bike. A new right shifter. A gift from Dave C. After a short while the bike was ready to ride

I had not been on a recumbent for a while so frankly, I was a little worried. After a mile, no problem! Its like they say "You never forget how to ride a bicycle!"

The perfect day and the perfect bike. First stop, The Bacon Free Libary. A quick stop to say hello and move on.

Second stop, Jacks Abby. Framingham, Ma. A nice little brewery with a taisting bar. We each tryed 4 beers and finished with one glass of our choice. All very good. Opened from Wednesday to Saturday from 12-8, this little brew pub serves no food but will allow you to bring it in. They also sell bottles and growlers of their beer to go,

Next Stop, Lunch. Just down the street about 100 yards. A great little Mexican Restaurant called The Aztec. outdoor seating. The food was better then I expected and served in style. Low priced and high quality, just the way we like it!

Heading East to Natick center, we stopped at "Listen UP" a store selling used CD's.
You can never really be sure what you will find there.

A great ride was had by both riders. The only thing that would have made it better would be you!

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