Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Over, Under, Sideways, Down.

The question that always comes up with new recumbent customers. "What is better and safer? Under seat steering or above seat steering?" The question as many times as I have been asked it always throws me.
I enjoy both, although I now only sell Above Steering Recumbents. If I could, I would sell both, but my supplier only stocks the above style.
The difference is obvious, but the question gets asked anyway.
Bacchetta prefers above seat for the reason of aerodynamics, They feel that having both hands at your side has more wind resistance and a bigger silhouette of rider and bike. The wind "sees" more so by design, its slower. This is taking into account that the rider is riding with both hands. (I don't)
Its hard for me to say what I prefer. I love the under seat design. It gives you a better view and makes it easy to get on and off the bike. For years we sold the "ATP Vision" line of bikes, Most of their line was offered with both styles. I sold only under seat bikes except for the models that only had above seat offered.
The two styles offer two different feels of riding. The above seems faster, but the bikes became lighter in time with lighter wheels. The below always gave me the feeling of the perfect touring bicycle and having me want to slow down and enjoy the view.

What do you think? Most of the readers of this blog have had both or still do. I would like to see what people prefer and why.


  1. Seeing as I was born after the Yardbirds fame, I can't comment on them, although I do remember 3 great guitarists graduating from the group. To the OP, underseat steering gets a lot of lookers, overseat handle like a road bike and I feel more responsive.

  2. Yes, but the real question here is which model is better for dancing? Having only ridden 'Above Steering Recumbents' I don't feel qualified to answer this question. Any other dancing recumbent riders want to chime in?

    I can, however, comment on the music. "It's got a beat! I can dance to it!" . . . Even on a recumbent! (Giggles!)

  3. USS is really great, especially if you're planning on being out on the road all day, since your arms just rest in a completely relaxed position at your sides. Also, with USS you have a *completely* unobstructed view of the road in front of you. My Bacchetta is faster, but the handlebars and center post always seem to be in the way of where I'm trying to look. ;-)


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