Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next Stop, Christmas!

The next couple of months will prove to you and others how much you love cycling. Riding every day will be more of a consideration.
Bundling up in warm clothing takes time and makes movement difficult. Cold winds have you in shock during the first moments as you "Hit the Road" and get your "Winter Head" on straight.
Holiday riding as we start into the colder months,with the Holiday lights are like a gift and assure you that we are doing the right thing. Speeding by in a car, looking out the window. although warm, doesn't give you the full view.
The Recumbent is easy on the neck and the perfect tool for looking up to see the tops of the trees where a crane was needed to trim the crown. A view otherwise only seen while walking.
Leafless trees and big sky's! Views missed over the green months. Like being in another part of the world!
Colder days mean shorter rides. The neighborhood stroll to find that home that went overboard with lights is like finding treasure! The type of family that gets a Christmas card and a Thank You from the Electric Company!
Destination riding come back into play. Head out to find something new.

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